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Electric Services has provided exceptional work to our residents in California for at least 25 decades. If you’d like an accredited electrician who provides dependable and professional service we’re the group to call. We’re always ready to supply you with a FREE ESTIMATE. Call – today!

Is Your Home or Business Energy-Efficient?

Not positive if your home or business is operating at maximum energy efficiency? Give us a call and we could discuss our lineup of high-temperature light fixtures and make your system run as best as can be.

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What we Can Do

We can help you with the following Solutions

Emergency Service Repairs

It is sometimes a helpless feeling when an issue arises with your lights, panels and electric parts. We provide a quick 1-hour response for electrical emergencies

Electrical Panel / Breaker Replacement

Circuit breakers do age old, wear out and need to be replaced. Signs your breaker needs to be substituted include the breaker being stuck to ” ON” or your breaker trips. It’s strongly recommended to have a licensed electrician take a look.

Outlet & Switches Replacement

Faulty sockets and light switches could be quite a hassle and inconvenience in your house. Adding outlets requires cutting into the wall and substituting the wiring. We’ll make sure your sockets and switches are always safe for your family and up to code.

Lighting Fixtures

Whether your lighting isn’t light enough,’ve burned out, or are acting faulty, we’ll be prepared to provide you with options for replacement. Adding new energy-efficient lighting is also a wonderful way to reduce your energy bill.

Our Process

How It Works

There are 3 easy steps of Electrical Services


We work hand-in-hand with you to program the very best solutions within your budget.


We organize the plan into workable steps which will translate to perfect installations in your residence.


With all concerns made along with your approval of this program, we get to work in your new, beautiful home remodeling.

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